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Fullstack Developer







Hello, I am a Full Stack JavaScript Developer with a background in IT Infrastructure and Application Support. In my previous roles I collaborated with developers to build and test iOS, Android and Web applications. Through these interactions with developers, that rejuvinated my interest in coding which has led to my transitioning to software development. I specialise in creating Frontend  and Backend scalable interactive experiences and functional applications with them latest technologies.


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Key Skills

    • JavaScript
    • React Js
    • TypeScript
    • Node.js
    • Express.js
    • MangoDB
    • WordPress
    • Docker
    • Flexbox

My Projects

      Jobplus App

    REACT JS App

Jobplus is a Frontend project was designed by use of Figma and built with React JS and Material UI.

The Jobplus project is a recruitment application which allows candidates to Register, Search and Apply for jobs, and save jobs. It is built with react and Material Ui for the styling. 




The Omnifood  is a premium food delivery website where registered clients pay a monthly subscription.

The website responsive and was built using HTML / CSS / FLEXBOX and the Grid 




The Table-Booker App enables registered users to make table reservations at participating restaurants. the Admin is responsible for listing the resturants and has the ability to manage bookings.  The project enabled me to implement my knowledge of databases , Python and Django.



Tastyboo Beverages


TastyBoo is a five page Website built with Elemetor for a commercial client. It was designed by myself in collaboration with the client and built with WordPress.

It is responsive and has interactive feqatures like forms and direct chat.


      Real Estate


This application enables the editing of listings, selling stats of the agents and most especially identify the highest perfomer.

It is very interactive with authentication features where users are able login after registration.





An interactive game built with Javascript , Html  and CSS.  It can be played by numerous numbers who are required to guess the number which is concealed and only shows when guessed correct. The Player with fewest guesses wins.



Pig Game


This is a fun and interactive game built with Javascript. The player that accumulates more points wins. The active player accumulates their current score and should know when to ‘hold’ and give the other player a chance. Otherwise they risk to get a ‘1’ which clears what is already in the basket and lose their turn in return.


Expense API

 Django API

This is a backend project built with Django Rest Api and Python.